May the word of the Lord fill you with love and bring you peace.

It’s All About God

My name is JoAnn Turner. I have been a Catholic for many years, I am a Benedictine Oblate and I am also a joyful participant in the Charismatic Renewal. I try to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit when I feel I am being lead to do something. When I first felt the call do this blog, my first question was “who me?”! I prayed, spoke with my Spiritual Director and he gave me his enthusiastic blessing! So, here I am! I am not a writer, but I love the Lord and want to do His will. The meditations are based on the daily Bible readings from the Catholic Church’s Liturgical Year.

Why The Catholic Cat? Cats have always been a big part of my life and I currently share the home of two beautiful ladies, Mia and Carley. They have showed me many of the lessons that God has tried to teach me over the years.

Unconditional love, persistence, trust, joy and a child-like wonder. Every day the same house, the same food, the same toys are a source of wonder, joy and excitement to them. They do not hesitate to let me know when they want something, be it food, play time or love! Have you ever watched a cat just run around for no reason but sheer happiness?

They have their days – just like me! But just as I pick them up and love them even when they annoy me, isn’t that what God does for us? Holds us, loves us and lets us know that He is there for us and loves us.

I hope that these meditations challenge you and help you to give your all to God. He does not want just a piece of us – He wants it all!

I dedicate this blog to the Holy Trinity and to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother. They have led me and guided me here and I know they will continue to keep it in their hearts. God Bless ya’ll!




Comments on: "It’s All About God" (9)

  1. God Bless You too, JoAnn!

  2. Hi,

    Just got to your Blog by accident whilst searching around.

    Two points: None of us are really writers. But we get the call to start a Christian Blog and once we’ve started we should continue; because we never know who might read us just by accident. And we may well change their lives.

    I see you like cats. I hope you’ll like the book I wrote about my cat. It’s available to download FREE from my Blog together with my other books. See right-hand column.

    God bless.

    • Thanks Victor, I plan on keeping it up! It helps me meditate every day – no excuses accepted now!!!

      Glad you found me and I went to yours and will definitely be downloading your book!! Looks interesting! God Bless and happy blogging!

  3. Sr. Mary Katherine said:

    Joanne, my friend, you are awesome and I encourage you to continue to spread the Word of God through your love and inspirations (and even through Mia and Carley). God blessed you with a big heart. Open your heart and let God do the rest! Have a Blessed Eucharistic Sunday!

    • Thank you my friend! This is truly a God inspired – God driven blog!!! If it was up to me I doubt it would get written!! LOL!! Mia and Carley have taught me a lot!! They are true creatures of God’s creation! Have a beautiful SONday! God is so AWESOME! God bless!

  4. Cynthia Ramos said:

    Wow JoAnn! I had no idea… I just happened upon this BLOG quite by coincidence too! But is it really? I call them God-incidence!!! Thank you for your YES when you hear HIM ask you to be HIS instrument! Love to you and many blessings!

    • Cynthia, you are right, nothing is an accident! He led you to my blog for a reason!! Thank you for signing up and I do hope you enjoy it! I have found it hard to say no when God starts tugging on your heart!!! He has a few more projects in mind for me! Please keep me in prayer. Spiritual attacks happen often and I need your prayers to continue!!! God bless you my friend.

  5. Theresa Foroma said:

    This is very inspiring. Had I known it earlier. All the same I Thank God for the friend who sent me this link. God richly bless you Joann for the beautiful work you are doing.

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