May the word of the Lord fill you with love and bring you peace.

St. Teresa of Avila

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The Lord said: “Woe to you who build the memorials of the prophets whom your fathers killed. Consequently, you bear witness and give consent to the deeds of your ancestors, for they killed them and you do the building. Therefore, the wisdom of God said, ‘I will send to them prophets and Apostles; some of them they will kill and persecute’ in order that this generation might be charged with the blood of all the prophets shed since the foundation of the world, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah who died between the altar and the temple building. Yes, I tell you, this generation will be charged with their blood! Woe to you, scholars of the law! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter.” When Jesus left, the scribes and Pharisees began to act with hostility toward him and to interrogate him about many things, for they were plotting to catch him at something he might say. 

Our generation will be charged with the blood of the babies that have died in abortion. We have given consent to this killing of innocents. Where do you stand? What have you done to save these children? Do you have their blood on your hands? 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, forgive us for allowing these children to be killed. May we make amends and change our ways before more have died. In Jesus’ holy name, Amen. 

With the Lord there is mercy, and fullness of redemption.


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